Poland beats 3D printers market

Poland belongs to the absolute top leaders in a variety of segments and industries, and one of these new technologies. Banking, Internet Of Things and gaming – Poles define trends here and lead the new path, which follows later the rest of the world. Another industry in which slowly grows into the role of a real potentate, a 3D printing. Polish manufacturers of 3D printers conquering foreign markets, and their devices are appreciated by users around the world.

David becomes compete with Goliath

Unlike the US, China, South Korea, Singapore and the UK, Poland will not run any government programs to support the development of the industry, and public institutions do not sign multi-million dollar contracts for the supply of 3D printers. Polish companies are expanding by themselves, with success through innovation and hard work.

Poland on the 3D printing world map

In fact, it all started on January 2014, when Zortrax announced the signing of a contract for the supply of 5,000 units of its 3D printers for the giant IT industry – Dell. It was an absolutely unprecedented event – it was the largest single contract of this kind in the history of 3D printing industry-wide. Poland officially appeared on the world map 3D printing, ceasing to be only a regional curiosity.

3D printing industry is one of the fastest growing industries related to new technologies in the world. Polish companies have in it very important role

This was not the first success of Zortrax on the international arena. A few months earlier the company has won a grant of more than $ 179 thousand in Kickstarter – the largest crowdfunding platform, towards the development of its flagship device – Zortrax M200. However, there was still nothing special – funding for the 3D printer has won a lot of companies from around the world, and Zortrax were just one of many.

Generally Zortrax did not do anything extraordinary – his 3D printer did not have any unique features or functionality does not stand out too much design. There was also cheap. It had been two very important advantages – it was very simple to use and offered high-quality prints. The creators of Zortrax understand just what they really needed in the market and created a product that perfectly tie in with its expectations. Today, it is one of the most well-known and respected equipment.

Success breeds success

Zortrax was soon followed by another company from Poland – dating from Wroclaw ZMorph. The company was founded by Przemyslaw Jaworski – the first man in Poland who build and sellĀ  low-cost 3D printers for self-assembly (RepRaps), caused a real furore with its innovative extruders to enable 3D printing both plastic and clay or chocolate. This versatility has made the ZMorph won many awards around the world, becoming the next to Zortrax, the most recognizable Polish brand in the world of 3D printing industry.

In October 2014 the company achieved another milestone in the development of Polish industry, starting his showroom in Haarlem near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, considered to be the European capital of 3D printing. This unprecedented event amounted to the company’s leading manufacturers of low-cost 3D printers raising the status of the entire domestic industry.

While last year was without doubt the Zortrax and ZMorph, this year could belong to 3DGence. company from Gliwice, which appeared on the market in the middle of last year, rapidly gained a high position thanks to its innovative 3D printer – 3DGence One. The device is equipped with a range of unique patent solutions (as autocompensation and calibration of work table or interchangeable printheads replaced by pressing a single button).

Despite the very short length of the market has scored a number of successes – a 3D printer of this company are used by both recognized automotive companies and institutions and government agencies. The company recently opened an office in San Francisco, becoming the first Polish company producing a 3D printer, which has a branch in the United States.

New products – new quality on the market

In writing about the Polish 3D printers, we can not forget about the device that caused a sensation in the country and the world. Speaking about Gaia 3D – the first Polish 3D printer designed for 3D printing with clay, ceramics or paper pulp. Gaia 3D won the title of Best New Polish 3D PrinterĀ  2014, and for its success there are two eminent personalities domestic industry, winners of the title of the 2014 – Paul Rokita and Janusz Wojcik. The organizers of the largest trade show dedicated to the 3D printing process in Central Europe – Days of 3D printing in Kielce, created last year a device that has been described by all major world trade media .

Finally, a few words about the project, which, like 3DGence has a chance to cause a lot of confusion on the 3D printing market in the coming year. Interestingly, it is not at all related to the production 3D printers. Printify is a platform for mediation in 3D printing combines the holders of 3D printers with potential customers 3D printing services. This is the Polish equivalent of that 3D Hubs, but considering the amount of options available and the degree of advancement, now beats the famous competitor on the head.

Polish 3D printing industry faces enormous opportunity

3D printing is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Sales of 3D printers is increasing annually by 100 percent and by a reputable research firm Gartner, by 2018 the level of sales is expected to reach 2.3 million units per year! More and more big players announce their entry into this market. Last year, its facilities were presented, among others, HP, Autodesk, Roland, Dremel or Thomson. This year, 3D printers offer will go to ABC – one of the largest distributors of electronics in Poland and Central Europe, which is in advanced talks with several key manufacturers of these devices in the country. Poland has a unique opportunity for it to become one of the key suppliers of 3D printers in the world.

3D printing is doomed to global development and the only thing at the moment we do not know how big it condition and the extent to which enters into our lives. Today, 3D printing is still a niche technology – remember, however, that the boom in low-cost 3D printer in just four years.